Monday, September 19, 2016

The Mall Nearby

It is Monday. We've been living here in Tunasan for almost three years now. Nearby stands a small department store, SM Tunasan, a friendly space that always welcomes everyone who suddenly needs to buy something or just wants to relish the cool air-conditioned ambiance in the middle of a hot day. Whatever the reason, the structure stands like an oasis in the middle of this city.
This is SM Tunasan.

When I was still renting a small room in Cubao, I usually went to AliMall or Gateway. Then, I had plenty of time in my hands. Commute to and fro work does not eat up a lot of time, so I had a lot of opportunities to read books or sleep. Neck-deep in ennui, I would just leave my small room and find relief in the malls, buying whatever I wanted or eating what intrigues my tummy at the time. AliMall and Gateway provided a special space.
Okay. On my way to the mall.
When one thinks of nothing in particular, one's head feels lighter, as if the world exists only to be looked at. There, I just let the worms and nimbus clouds in my head drop and evaporate with every step on the tiled walkway. Everything becomes simple. No need to think of the past and keep anxiety for the future. All window shops and nameless faces materialize for the present. The transience of everything in the mall is like beautifully wrapped gift you know doesn't contain anything. You go in for the excitement of receiving it but without investing any anticipation for something worthwhile inside it. And this is a novelty for an overthinker like me.
All is temporal.
It is Monday. And I am reading Martin Heidegger's Poetry, Language, Thought. It's a heavy book to read, and I feel that I could take a break anytime. In a way, AliMall and Gateway resurrected themselves in SM Tunasan. I now go there for whatever I need. I go to the movies alone or get a haircut or look for a possible purchase. To me, it's more of a refuge anything else.
Another photo of SM Tunasan.
If life, indeed, is an everyday war, the mall is my fort. Its cool air is the heavy stonewall, guarding me from the impetuous thoughts and literal warmth searing in the day. Its stores and small kiosks provide a room for me to take rest, to think more about myself and do as I please, forget about the larger cause for a while. And the human in me needs that.
Third and last photo of SM Tunasan.

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