Monday, September 19, 2016

The Mall Nearby

It is Monday. We've been living here in Tunasan for almost three years now. Nearby stands a small department store, SM Tunasan, a friendly space that always welcomes everyone who suddenly needs to buy something or just wants to relish the cool air-conditioned ambiance in the middle of a hot day. Whatever the reason, the structure stands like an oasis in the middle of this city.
This is SM Tunasan.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Nursing a Demon

We all have a demon residing in our heads. Some people just deal with theirs better than others, so their demons are much more silent, almost non-existent. But all of us have it. And mine is becoming more and more active recently.
I hope my demons are prettier than this.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Skipping Work

I skipped work last night. I've been doing it for the past few months with varying invented excuses that seem to be rooted in something bigger that I am yet to discover. For some reason, doing this doesn't cause any guilt in my chest as it used to. Deep inside, I feel that I deserve this short break, no matter how much lie it involves.
One day. Just one day.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Losing Libido

Today feels different. First, I finally feel that the third term of school has entirely rolled off my back. Grades are submitted, and I may (or may not) have already gone through my probationary status as a student. For the first time in months, I get to read and do whatever I want at home. Second, I feel that, slowly, I am losing some zeal to live each day, as if everything is fading into a monochromatic mundanity where one barely recognizes anything worth remembering. Each second is passing by where the most zealous thing around is the second hand of the clock, ever in steady motion.
this is awesome. yey.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Language of Need of Language

The book I carry along right now is Ralph Galan's Discernments. I try to read it whenever I'm idle, as I realize that I should not be wasting my time. Galan is an awesome poet, and I admire his poetics, so I thought I'd be learning a lot of things from this book, which is actually a compilation of his literary essays and reviews. Although it doesn't contain any of his verses, I am realizing a lot of things about my poetry endeavor. And that, of course, is a good thing.
oh! amsuch a noob!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Job Offer While on the Job

It's amazing how the world works really. Oftentimes, I just don't know if somebody is pulling the strings from beyond the clouds, because circumstances are just too unlikely to happen but they do. In the new building I am working in, I apparently share the old manager I used to work with in my previous job where the company shut down. She was some sort of operations manager there, but I guess she's being promoted to site director. And so, during smoking break, she offered me the post she is leaving-- while I was right behind my current manager.
Whuuuuttt??? O_O

Monday, August 15, 2016

Fresh Mondays and New Responsibilities

Mondays were always something to look forward to in the past months. After nearly one year, I was starting to get comfortable with my job. I had one Technical Writer under my management and I was able to get a good grip of the tasks on my plate and the meetings I needed to attend. In the middle of it all though, I got an opportunity to have additional Technical Writers for another team. I accepted it, but right now, I am not sure if I did the right thing.
Yep. I got this.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Low Pressure During a Low Pressure Area

This Saturday is different. It is the week before finals, and I was cramming on one major paper I was to submit in class today. The procrastinator in me filed a leave from the Friday shift at work so I could finish the paper. God is always good, and he decided to send a pretty strong low pressure area to the country. I still needed to pass the paper online at 1:30 PM, but at least I gained the extra time to write from the travel time I was supposed to spend to school.
Perfect timing. U so awesome.
I just wish no one's hurt.

Using the Brain

I've prided myself as someone who's smarter than most people. I've thought of ideas and done things other people would find difficult to. It would also be safe to say that I am where I am because I'm smart. Tonight at work though, I'd been asked to use my brain. I was perplexed, but I decided to remain composed-- at least in front of the person who called me out.
As far as I know, I've been using my brain.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

That Space Between Sleep and Earth

I recently purchased an alarm clock. I've been having troubles getting up with the usual alarm on my phone. Perhaps I've been extra tired these past few days or the bed weather is getting the best of my head. Today, I think it's all beginning again. My new alarm clock is becoming useless as had been my phone alarm.
You useless piece of shit.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Finding the Right Words to Reprimand

I'm not a leader material. I never thought I'd ever become one. But circumstances have brought me to become a leader twice so far. After my job as a team lead in a company that eventually closed out, I am again put in the position of handling human beings and the way they do things. Perhaps, this is the universe's way of telling me that I am meant to lead. But I am yet to be convinced.

"Listen. I'm telling you something, you idiot."

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hearing Myself Think

I may not have posted about this, but I am currently enrolled to graduate school since August of last year. Since then, it's been really busy, what with balancing work and studies. More importantly, I came to learn new things about writing. And one of these new things is about how much I suck at writing.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Debauchery to Start the Year

The new year of 2016 has arrived and my friends Pong, JV, and Angel agreed to meet on the first night of the year. Pong has been working in Mindanao for the past two years, and we make sure that we meet and “have fun” every time he goes back home.

The gang, yet again, is complete.