Saturday, April 7, 2012

BBM Flirting

I may not have told you but, last May, I was able to buy a Blackberry phone for myself. Well, partly because I wanted to but mostly because I need it for work. Needless to say, this precious gadget has served its priceless purpose and kept me updated on work emails, most especially when I am away.

However, other than its "corporate" functions, I use this tiny little gadget for its other countless features-- most especially for its unique communication features. The most wonderful thing about Blackberry is that it has its own system which does not totally rely on the service provider. For the whole year that I have been using it, I have not experienced any serious problem with it. The Facebook, Twitter, and other applications are working perfectly and I could not be any happier about it.
And because things are working perfectly with my Blackberry and I, I tried fooling around using it, which is working just fine, by the way. First, I used it to download porn using the internet browser which, most of the times, is understandably slow. Nonetheless, it was able to give me some 20 videos which I watch during times in need. LOL
Apart from being an awesome tool for pornographic downloading, I have just discovered a  way of flirting using one of its top applications-- the Blackberry Messenger. At first, I tried Googling some gay forum where members share their BBM Pins for easier communications with each other. As expected, promiscuous and adventurous as the gay community is, I have seen a lot and added some BBM contacts which I, soon, was able to chat constantly.
I had this one particular contact who I was able to chat for quite some time. He was okay and a good conversationalist. However, he is always horny as hell as he even sends me photos of his cock even though he knew that I was at the office working. Whether it's scorching hot or completely rude, my opinion depends on my mood when I am asked. Right now, it's quite hot actually.
More over, just recently, while I was away from home and working on field, I tried using this new BB application called Gay Pin. There, while I was in Bacolod, I virtually met and chat with this guy who's a bit older than me. Needless to say, we clicked and all went well. However, just when I thought I could carry all the emotions and sentimentalities, I found him quite boring. Or perhaps I was just the type who gets bored easily. Either way, I did not reply to him anymore.
Right now, in the midst of this five-day vacation, I am, again, on the hype of collecting contacts of possible chatmates and beyond. My BBM contacts are now double in number and most of them are not bad-looking at all. However, at the end of the day, I am not really looking for a good lay. I am just looking for that someone who can become a special part of my life. I know looking for it online is not a good thing, but it should not hurt, most especially because I do not have much time and money to go out and meet other people.


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