Friday, March 30, 2012

My New Supervisor Admits Being a Grammar Nazi

Again, I wasn't able to update my online journal for quite a while. And many things happened since then. One, for example, is a new Supervisor in our department that is igniting hellfire one degree hotter by the second.

Okay. Fine. Perhaps she's not as ugly and vicious-looking as the one in the photo but, right now, she is making all of us three staffs suffer to the core. At first, she was very nice to us, conversing and telling jokes-- which, by the way, I find very irritating yet I respond with fake and forced laughters for courtesy's sake. I somewhat appreciate her efforts at reaching to us staffs but then, when push comes to shove, she is the likes to drop each and every one of her staff at the very first sign of defeat just to save her face.

Now, I totally do not appreciate that, most especially because, she was the one who keeps on talking about teamwork and all that shit she kept on stopping us from doing our work just to huddle as together and talk about. Another thing that I do not like about her is that she does not know almost anything about what we were doing. She does not seem to be a Supervisor material. She does not seem to be ready nor experienced enough for the position. To me, she is just as greenhorn as I am. And, because of that, I don't appreciate her bossing me around.

Lastly, the biggest thing I find haunting (I dreamed about this one) is her perpetual grammatical errors. I could swear that, everytime we meet, I could feel blood assemble in my ears and slowly trickle down my neck. Her "based from" and "dat" among others are some things that I could not let slide-- no matter how hard I try.

I don't mind having a Supervisor. As a matter of fact, our department NEEDS one. However, the position requires respect from us, the staffs. And with the things he has been doing, she cannot and will not earn mine. I feel sorry for her because I give shit to people I don't respect.

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