Monday, April 11, 2011

Too Late But Still Warm as a Cigarette Flame

Today, some weeks after my birthday, my heart was lifted to a certain altitude with the arrival of an LBC first class mail addressed to me. Thought it was my phone bill but, when I opened, it was a greeting card from my favorite cancer stick. I find it quite fascinating, to tell the truth. Moreso, it made me wonder which event I have attended where I gave such important information. I was drunk then; that's for sure. Nonetheless, this is something heartwarming to receive. Expect eight more years of patronage from me, "friends from Marlboro!"

Of Beauty and People

Hours ago, I wanted to cap this weekend and make it complete by watching yet another Barbra Streisand film so I decided to see the last movie I have got in stock in my torrent list, Funny Lady. And, watching Binibining Pilipinas 2011 right now, it made me realize that one of the things that actually matter for something to be timeless is by being exceptional. There are far too many ladies trying to become sexy, gorgeous, and beautiful that you tend to forget this year's winners in just a matter of months; unless they win or do something stupid for the international pageants.