Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Alcoholic Homosexual Friend"

So there is one-- no actually a lot-- times where I was bored and Google my name for fun. One of the most amazing things about it is that, aside from the social media sites I joined, there is a certain search result that always comes up-- it is Shinji's blog. In one of his blogs, he referred to me as an "Alcoholic Homosexual Friend." I totally find it cool because that was true and I am not afraid of those-- being alcoholic, being homosexual, and being his friend. We were housemates during my last two years in college and I have learned a lot from him. He is a totally awesome person-- straight, by the way-- from whom I heard of things I never heard before. Because of him, I was introduced to countless things that shaped my being-- including the song that was embedded above. I miss Shinji. We are now in the working force and are doing great. I hope to see him soon though. :)

I tried to accompany this post with an image but when I Googled "drunk gay," numerous gay porn snapshots appeared. Yeah, that's true. Many things happen when there's a gay guy in a drinking table. :p

My Future Husband

Tonight, I started reading gay blogs from Filipinos over the Net. Gay Pinoys like Manila Gay Guy and Mandaya Moore never failed in amusing me and igniting my thoughts, be it of deep things to ponder upon or of rather shallow things that make me smile with the laptop. That is how I have realized that my blog is totally boring. Who is actually interested in work-related stuffs and other inner issues, right? So I have decided to write more about other sensitive topics-- like love, sex, and relationships.