Friday, April 8, 2011

Our First Decent Camera: The GE X5

Photography has been a trend these days. And, (un)fortunately, I have been on the bandwagon since I experienced how wonderful it can be way back when I was working for the Army Public Affairs, encountering various photographers from newspapers-- James Mananghaya of The Philippine Star, above all, who was kind enough to give us a seminar/workshop. It has ignited a well-wicked candle in me that is the fondness with playing with light. So, to say the least, I was ecstatic when my father agreed on buying a decent camera with my three-thousand-peso contribution.

Farewell is Difficult and Other Realizations

For the past few days, going to work has been lighter for me because of the thought that I would be staying there for only a couple of weeks. Though I have been coming there with the excitement of leaving, I did not forget that I should give my best during my last few days at the company. However, everything begins to become more difficult when a certain project was given to me. You see, from a website company, our office became a sex toy store site that will open soon. This means that I-- being the copywriter-- get to write product descriptions for countless sex toys that I did not even know exist.