Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Future Husband

Tonight, I started reading gay blogs from Filipinos over the Net. Gay Pinoys like Manila Gay Guy and Mandaya Moore never failed in amusing me and igniting my thoughts, be it of deep things to ponder upon or of rather shallow things that make me smile with the laptop. That is how I have realized that my blog is totally boring. Who is actually interested in work-related stuffs and other inner issues, right? So I have decided to write more about other sensitive topics-- like love, sex, and relationships.

The very first thing that you should know is that I never had a boyfriend-- EVER. That's correct; I belong to that certain category dubbed "NBSB." While countless gay guys like me strut their stuffs and find their mate, I was only waiting for mine. I guess that's just how things will go for me. I never knew how to flirt nor learn the techniques in dating I ought to. I am also too dense and can barely feel attention when I catch one. I only had one fling and it was way back college. Despite the evenings of coffee and stories with him, I never knew that he was trying to lure me into his captive arms. All along, I thought he was straight so I never really gave any meaning to those late evenings of coffee with just the two of us, chatting. Reading the past sentences, I feel stupid now.
Anyway, years have passed and we are still good friends. You might have gotten intrigued about what the title of this entry is about. You see, I have this thing for older men. I am into balding men with chest hairs and prominent noses. Just last year, way back when I tried going to the gym to lose tens of pounds (which I didn't), I met this guy. Well, we did not actually meet but I see him almost everytime I go there. I felt very different about him. He hit me so hard and good that I refer to him as my "Future Husband" with my best friend. He hit me so hard that I eventually wrote something about him in my Multiply account.
The last time I saw him, it was some months ago. I was at the mall, doing some shopping when I suddenly saw him, checking on some shoes through a glass window, wearing the same white shirt and brandless shorts he used to wear, fresh probably from a workout. Honestly speaking, I have this strong feeling that we shall meet again and the pseudonym I baptized him with in my head shall not fade in vain. I may be wrong but everytime I remember him, I feel myself full of hope for a much better future with him-- my husband. :)


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